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Growth and marketing strategy team

Structuring and Executing Growth Marketing Strategies for Family Businesses that want to embrace the digital world to protect their legacy at the following niches:





Get to know the team that assists family businesses in navigating the digital landscape and safeguarding their heritage.

✅ We are passionate about innovation. ✅ We harness the power of technology.

We believe that every company is like a family that should grow, learn, and evolve every day.

❤️ We love personalization.

Structuring Growth and Marketing Strategies is a company aimed at all visionary people who recognize the enormous opportunities that the digital age offers us and are committed to family growth, collaborators growth and personal growth.

Mission: Accelerating the digital adaptation of family businesses and entrepreneurial families to protect their legacy, while creating high-quality employment, promoting environmental sustainability, and fostering global development, guided by Jesús.

Vision: Build a team of 25 professionals by the year 2030, that can support and assist at least 100 family businesses in adapting to the digital world and protect their legacy. Providing top world-class professional services utilizing the virtues and talents that Jesus has given to us, supported by strategic allies and world-class technology tools.

Krecer.estructurando.com serves as a vibrant hub for family enterprises aspiring to evolve into cohesive business families, focusing on preserving their heritage while fostering high-quality job creation, championing sustainability, and embracing social and environmental stewardship to drive global progress. 🌎

Estas listo para crecer
Estas listo para crecer


  • Jesus
  • Doing what is right and receiving what is deserved
  • Striving for excellence with the right attitude, motivation, and confidence
  • Communicating ideas clearly, responsibly, and respectfully
  • Respect for the ecosystem and the environment
  • Consideration and humility
  • Patience

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