Project: Dielco

Distributor of electrical material for Colombia and Latin America.

About the project

  • Industrial and professional services family business 
  • Client B2B and B2C
  • Founded in 1999 
  • Headquarters Bogotá, Colombia.

Services provided

Branding, Graphic design. Desing development, and maintenance of the digital assets or websites. Strategic growth marketing. Community managent, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, HubSpot CMS Hub, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Search Engine Optimization SEO.


  • Google WorkSpace
  • HubSpot CMS Hub
  • HubSpot CRM Marketing & Sales Hubs
  • WooCommerce + WordPress
  • Blue Host

Family-owned company in the industrial sector. Distributor of electrical material for Colombia and Latin America.

More than 30 years of experience 

Second generation



This family-owned company in the industrial sector (distributor of electrical material) had the need to adapt to the digital world. They felt that their points of sale were losing strength and that they needed to evolve. They aimed to position their brand and different keywords in paid and organic searches, supported by social media to reach and gain visibility.

All of this was centralized in a CRM that aligned the sales and marketing departments and allowed them to place the customer at the center of their operations.






We started in 2019 with a very strong inbound marketing plan that included the design of the first version of the website, the creation of pillar and subdomain pages, copywriting, and graphic design to generate promotion strategies via Google Ads and social media. We measured these strategies through Hubspot CRM, which we have gradually scaled up.

In 2020, the decision we made was to build a digital sales department to serve new customers and support counter sales, centralizing the information in the HubSpot CRM.

.In 2021, the decision we made was to take a technological leap and build dynamic pages on HubSpot CMS, and rely on WordPress and WooCommerce for the transactional part. In addition, the branding of  DIELCO ELECTRIC SYSTEMS was approved.

In 2022/23 we are migrating all the subdomains to HUbspot CMS, to create contend fully optimized for SEO and structuring workflows that allow us to improve the productivity of the team.


Today we keep growing together

How We Made It

Generating empathy with the team, understanding customer profiles  and journey very well, designing marketing strategies and plans that constantly evolve, and working day by day in the pursuit of objectives.







Increase in


On average
we create

 contacts per day.

Average Montly

Traffic Growth





  • Design, programming, and maintenance of an interactive, stable, scalable, and user-friendly website.
  • HubSpot CRM Marketing & Sales Implementation.
  • HubSpot CMS Implementation.
  • Continuous training for the work team to operate in a digital world.
  • Continuous content creation and documentation to update websites and optimize the sales process.
  • Roadmap to develop improvements and projects.

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